how to find out who my district attorney is

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Each district has it's own individual district attorney. You can find a complete list of district attorneys by prosecutorial district, including address and telephone numbers, by opening our District Attorney Roster. Directions to North Carolina Courthouses - Find driving directions to any courthouse in North Carolina.

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What does a district attorney do?

Each district has it's own individual district attorney. You can find a complete list of district attorneys by prosecutorial district, including address and telephone numbers, by opening our District Attorney Roster.

How do you find your attorney?

Find out who the district attorney is for your county and see where they stand on criminal justice reform. Then, go to Step 2 to email them to say "hey" and …

What is a local district attorney?

District Attorneys. A lawyer who represents the state in local criminal cases is usually referred to as the "District Attorney," although, depending on your state, these attorneys can go by other titles such as "Prosecuting Attorney" or "County Attorney." The Attorney General of a state typically represents the state in civil cases, but in some ...

Who is my district attorney?

The form below will allow you to search this information without logging in to CM/ECF; just enter the name or California State Bar number of the attorney whose status you wish to check. The search results should display matching records for all attorneys currently authorized to appear before the Central District of California.


Who is the NY DA?

Alvin BraggNew York County District AttorneyDistrict Attorney of New York CountyIncumbent Alvin Bragg since January 1, 2022Formation1801First holderRichard RikerWebsiteManhattanDA.org1 more row

Who is the district attorney of North Carolina?

Spencer B. Merriweather IIIThe District Attorney's Office is led by District Attorney Spencer B. Merriweather III.

How many district attorneys are there in NYS?

New York State has one District Attorney for each of its 62 counties, in addition to a D.A. for each of New York City's five boroughs....Directory of New York District Attorneys.Albany County District AttorneyOrange County District AttorneyCayuga County District AttorneyRensselaer County Attorney33 more rows•Mar 14, 2019

Who is Brooklyn NY DA?

Brooklyn District AttorneyKings County District Attorney of BrooklynIncumbent Eric GonzalezTypeDistrict AttorneyTerm length4 yearsFormationFebruary 12, 17962 more rows

Are district attorneys elected?

In most U.S. state and local jurisdictions, prosecutors are elected to office. On the federal level, district attorneys are, in effect, members of the executive branch of the government; they are usually replaced when a new administration comes into office.

How many district attorneys are in North Carolina?

District Attorney by Prosecutorial District - North Carolina is separated into 42 separate prosecutorial districts. Each district has it's own individual district attorney.

Who is the NY attorney general?

Letitia James (Working Families Party)New York / Attorney generalAbout the Attorney General Letitia “Tish” James is the 67th Attorney General for the State of New York. With decades of work, she is an experienced attorney and public servant with a long record of accomplishments.

How many district attorneys are in each state?

58 District AttorneyStateNumber of Chief ProsecutorsTitleCalifornia58District AttorneyColorado22District AttorneyConnecticut13State's AttorneyDelaware1Attorney General48 more rows•Feb 24, 2003

What does an assistant district attorney do?

The assistant district attorney (assistant DA, ADA) (or state prosecutor or assistant state's attorney) is a law enforcement official who represents the state government on behalf of the district attorney in investigating and prosecuting individuals alleged to have committed a crime.

How powerful is a district attorney?

The DA has immense power in influencing an individual's decision to enter into a plea deal or to take their case to trial. More than 90 percent of all criminal cases end in a plea deal. The district attorney has the power to offer a sentence to the individual charged with a crime.

What is the British equivalent of a district attorney?

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is the principal public agency for conducting criminal prosecutions in England and Wales.

How much does a Brooklyn ADA make?

Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, NY SalariesJob TitleLocationSalaryCity of New York Assistant District Attorney salaries - 3 salaries reportedBrooklyn, NY$79,689/yrKings County District Attorney's Office Senior Assistant District Attorney salaries - 5 salaries reportedBrooklyn, NY$94,243/yr1 more row

Why was a 40 year old man arrested?

A 40-year old man is arrested for stealing a car and selling it to support his drug habit. The car was recovered and returned to the owner. He has been arrested a few times in the past for petty theft, but this is his most serious offense to date.

What is the power of a district attorney in California?

District attorneys in California have tremendous power to impact the lives of millions of people, their families, and entire communities. If someone is accused of committing a crime, it is not the police but the DA who has the sole power to decide if criminal charges are filed and the severity of those charges.

How long was Michael Jackson in jail?

In addition, his addiction to crack cocaine will not have been addressed during his 3-years of incarceration. A year after successfully completing probation for drug sales, a 21 year old is again arrested for selling crack cocaine on the street.

What is a DA in California?

California. DAs are supposed to serve the interests of the people who live in their county. DAs are public servants who not only work in courtrooms, but also affect your day-to-day life by supporting or opposing statewide policies and deciding how to spend taxpayer dollars.

How long can you go to jail for a felony?

Pursue the maximum felony charge which carries a sentence of 6 years in state prison. Alternatives to incarceration, such as a diversion program, give young people a chance to learn from their mistakes, reduce the likelihood the individual will re-offend and increase the likelihood of success later in life.