zip codes in queens county where tenants qualify for free attorney

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Who are the best landlord and tenant lawyers in Queens NY?


Can a tenant get a free lawyer in New York City?

Tenant's Rights in Queens County, NY. At the most basic level, tenants have a basic right to what they're paying for: a habitable living environment. Thus, landlords in Queens County, New York must ensure that the units they rent to tenants meet some basic standards for human habitation.

What is the ZIP code for Queens County NY?

Jun 01, 2021 · Free Lawyers for Tenants (Universal Access to Legal Services) Under the law, some tenants in New York City, no matter their zip code or immigration status, can get a free lawyer from start to finish in their New York City Housing Court case. This depends on 2 things: Your income and how many people live with you. The type of court case.

Do I need a ZIP code?

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How do I sue my landlord in NYC?

Go to Housing Court and tell the Clerk that you want to start a Harassment case. You will fill out a Petition, and pay the court fee. Your Petition should list how the landlord/owner is trying to force you to leave.

What is considered landlord harassment in NY?

Under New York State's Rent Regulation Laws, harassment is defined as conduct by a landlord that directly or indirectly interferes with, or is intended to interfere with, your privacy, comfort, and enjoyment of your dwelling.

What are landlords responsible for in NY?

What are the responsibilities of my landlord? Owners must ensure that buildings are safe, clean and well maintained, in both common areas and in individual apartments. Among other responsibilities, owners must provide and maintain security measures, heat, hot and cold water, and good lighting.

What does an eviction lawyer do?

A lawyer will be able to assist in checking whether the eviction process is handled legally by the landlord or property owner. For instance, if they are trying to evict you without a court order, this is a criminal offence where the landlord can be fined or even imprisoned.Jan 16, 2018

Can I sue my landlord for emotional distress in New York?

If the landlord's actions are outrageous and done with the purpose of causing you emotional harm, or if she is merely negligent but should have known the negligence would cause emotional harm, you may be able to sue your landlord for emotional distress if you do suffer from it as a result, depending on your state's ...Jan 30, 2020

Can you get evicted during Covid in NY?

NYS Tenant Safe Harbor Act (TSHA)—Tenants who can prove they had financial hardship during the State COVID-19 emergency period (March 7, 2020 to June 24, 2021) may have a defense in court to eviction for non-payment of rent owed during that period, under the NYS Tenant Safe Harbor Act.Jan 12, 2022

What are a landlords legal responsibilities?

Landlord's responsibilities repairs to the structure and exterior of the property, heating and hot water systems, basins, sinks, baths and other sanitaryware. the safety of gas and electrical appliances. the fire safety of furniture and furnishings provided under the tenancy.

What a landlord Cannot do?

Landlords cannot enter tenanted properties without giving proper notice. Landlords cannot arbitrarily end someone's tenancy before the lease expires. Arbitrary, mid-lease rent increases are not permitted unless specified in certain circumstances in the lease or by the municipality.

Are landlords responsible for door locks?

It is a basic responsibility of the landlord to provide you with a secure home, free of all hazards of any type. This means that the landlord is responsible for changing all locks and entry keys after each tenant and it is reasonable for you to request such actions to be taken.

What if I can't afford a lawyer in South Africa?

If you cannot afford the services of an attorney there are various options: Legal Aid South Africa. Pro bono (free) legal services by attorneys; administered by the Legal Practice Council. Other organisations offering pro bono legal services.

How do I evict a tenant in South Africa?

How do I evict a tenant who doesn't pay rent?Call up the occupant. ... Send a breach of contract letter if there is a default. ... You can send an intention to cancel the lease agreement. ... If the notice is absconded, seek legal assistance.Feb 23, 2021

Can my landlord evict me in California?

A landlord can terminate a California tenancy early and evict the tenant for a variety of reasons, including failure to pay rent, violating the lease or rental agreement, or committing an illegal act. Before terminating the tenancy, the landlord must give the tenant written notice.

Tenant Law in New York

Relationships between landlords and tenants in Queens County, New York can get contentious. It's difficult to be a tenant or a landlord. If one or both parties are not aware of their legal rights and responsibilities, conflicts can arise.

Landlord's Rights in Queens County, NY

Landlords are, of course, entitled to collect rent from their tenants. If a tenant fails to pay the agreed-upon rent, the landlord is usually able to evict the tenant without too much trouble, though the process can sometimes get fairly complicated.

Tenant's Rights in Queens County, NY

At the most basic level, tenants have a basic right to what they're paying for: a habitable living environment. Thus, landlords in Queens County, New York must ensure that the units they rent to tenants meet some basic standards for human habitation. These requirements vary from state to state, but are often fairly easy to meet.

Income Eligible

Whether you get a free lawyer depends on your income and how many people live with you. You can get a free lawyer if your yearly household income is less than the amount in the chart below.

Type of Court Case

Tenants with Holdover cases and Nonpayment cases get a free lawyer. Your court papers say the type of case. A nonpayment case is what an owner starts to collect rent. A holdover case is what an owner starts to evict a tenant for a different reason than nonpayment of rent. Learn more about Holdover and Nonpayment cases.

Where to Get More Information

If you qualify for a free lawyer, visit About the Universal Access to Legal Services Law to find out how to get a free lawyer and what services you can get.


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Want To Check Lawyer Discipline?

It is always a good idea to research your lawyer prior to hiring. Every state has a disciplinary organization that monitors attorneys, their licenses, and consumer complaints. By researching lawyer discipline you can:

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