who won the district attorney election in blount county al

by Adeline Dibbert 8 min read

When is the Alabama election?

Alabama general elections are held on the first Tuesday in November of every even-numbered year . If a victory margin is within 0.5 percent, an automatic recount will take place unless the defeated candidate waives his or her right to the recount.

What court is Blount County in?

The people are Blount County are served by a Circuit Court, District Court, Probate Court and three Municipal Courts.

When is the primary election for a judge?

Primary elections in years without a presidential primary are held on the first Tuesday in June. Candidates can only qualify for one party. The winners from each party proceed to a general election in November.

Can you vote in a primary if you are unopposed?

Political parties can make rules restricting who participates in primaries, and residents can only vote in a single party's primary.