who is the woman in the portrait behind peoria attorney jay jansenn?

by Morgan Goyette 5 min read

Question: In the much-played TV commercials for longtime Peoria attorney Jay Janssen, is that his wife in the large framed picture in the background or simply a painting he likes? Answer: It's Janssen's wife, Joan, a portrait in oils, by artist William Harden.Aug 1, 2021

Who is Jay Janssen married to?

Jay Janssen married Yvonne Renee Janssen.

How old is Jay Janssen Peoria?

This snapshot of Jay Janssen's life was captured by the 1940 U.S. Census. When Jay Janssen was born about 1938, his father, Henry, was 38 and his mother, Lula, was 35....Jay Janssen in the 1940 Census.Age2, born abt 1938Home in 1940515 W Melbourne Peoria, Peoria, IllinoisHousehold MembersAgeHeadHenry J Janssen40WifeLula Janssen374 more rows

Is Jay Janssen alive?

Jay Janssen is 84. He was born on Oct 10, 1937.