who is the attorney general of maryland

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How do you contact Attorney General?

Brian E. Frosh, Attorney General (elected by voters to 4-year term), 2022 (410) 576-6300 John T. Willis, Senior Counsel (410) 576-6403; e-mail: [email protected]. EXECUTIVE DIVISION Elizabeth F. Harris, Chief Deputy Attorney General (410) 576-7051; e-mail: [email protected]

Who appoints the Attorney General?

J. Joseph Curran, Jr., Attorney General of Maryland since 1987, was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, on July 7, 1931. He attended Baltimore parochial schools, Loyola High School, the University of Baltimore, and the University of Baltimore School of Law (LL.B., 1959). Mr.

Who is the current head of DOJ?

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State. The Attorney General's Office has general charge, supervision and direction of the legal business of the State, acting as legal advisors and representatives of the major agencies, various boards, commissions, officials and institutions of State Government.

Who does the Attorney General answer to?

Brian E. Frosh is an American lawyer and politician serving as the Attorney General of Maryland. He also served five terms in the Maryland State Senate, representing Maryland's District 16 in Montgomery County. Prior to serving in the Senate, Frosh also represented District 16 in the Maryland House of Delegates, serving two four-year terms. Frosh was elected to his second …


What does the Maryland Attorney General do?

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State. The Attorney General's Office has general charge, supervision and direction of the legal business of the State, acting as legal advisors and representatives of the major agencies, various boards, commissions, officials and institutions of State Government.

How do I contact the attorney general of Maryland?

OfficesMain number: 410-576-6300 / En español 410-230-1712 / toll-free: 1-888-743-0023.Consumer Hotline: 410-528-8662.Medical Billing/Health Insurance Problems: 410-528-1840 / toll-free: 877-261-8807.

Who is the assistant Attorney General in Maryland?

Assistant Attorney General: Gary Honick.

Who is state's attorney for Maryland?

Marilyn J. Mosby, State's Attorney, Baltimore, Maryland.

Does Maryland have district attorneys?

The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland was established by the federal Judiciary Act of 1789.

How much does a Maryland assistant Attorney General make?

Assistant Attorney General in Maryland SalariesJob TitleLocationSalaryMaryland Attorney General Assistant Attorney General salaries - 10 salaries reportedMaryland$114,962/yrState of Maryland Assistant Attorney General salaries - 5 salaries reportedMaryland$98,774/yr3 more rows

Does Maryland have a solicitor general?

The Attorney General of the State of Maryland is the chief legal officer of the State of Maryland in the United States and is elected by the people every four years with no term limits....List of attorneys general of Maryland.NameBrian FroshFrom2015PartyDemocratLaw schoolColumbia Law School45 more columns

How many state attorneys are there in Maryland?

Our 98 Assistant United States Attorneys and 73 support personnel are committed to excellence, integrity and achievement. Employees are organized into Civil, Criminal and Administrative Divisions and based in two offices, the Northern Division in Baltimore and the Southern Division in Greenbelt.3 days ago

How much does the Maryland attorney general make?

State executive salariesOffice and current officialSalaryAttorney General of Maryland Brian Frosh$125,000Maryland Secretary of State John C. Wobensmith$87,500Chief of Staff to the Governor of Maryland Amelia Chasse AlcivarMaryland Commissioner of Insurance Kathleen Birrane10 more rows

Who is the district attorney for Baltimore Maryland?

Marilyn MosbyBoston, Massachusetts, U.S. Marilyn Mosby (née James; born January 22, 1980) is an American politician and lawyer who has been the State's Attorney for Baltimore since 2015. She is the youngest chief prosecutor of any major American city.

How do I file a complaint with the Maryland Attorney General?

To file a complaint, you can use our General Complaint Form:Click here to file a complaint online.Click here to print, complete, and send in the form.Call the Consumer Protection Division Hotline at (410) 528-8662 Mon. -Fri. 9am - 3pm.

Who is the current United States Attorney General?

Merrick GarlandUnited States / Attorney generalMerrick Brian Garland is an American lawyer and jurist serving as the 86th United States attorney general since March 2021. He served as a circuit judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit from 1997 to 2021. Wikipedia

Current Officeholder



  • Here is a list of the standard qualifications necessary under Marylandlaw in order to be considered for the office of attorney general: 1. "No person shall be eligible to the office of Attorney General, who is not a citizen of this State, and a qualified voter therein, and has not resided and practiced Law in this State for at least ten years." (Maryland Constitution, Article V …
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  • Maryland elects attorneys general in the midterm elections, that is, even years that are not presidential election years. For Maryland, 2018, 2022, 2026 and 2030 are all attorney general election years.
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  • The Maryland Constitution addresses vacancies in the office of attorney general in Article V, Section 5.
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  • The attorney general is chief legal officer of the Maryland state government, in charge of legal affairs pertaining to the state. He or she is the legal advisor and representative of the governor, the...
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  • As of January 10, 2021, the office of the attorney general consists of several divisions, including: 1. The Antitrust Division 2. The Civil Litigation Division 3. The Civil Rights Division 4. The Consumer Protection Division 5. The Courts and Judicial Affairs Correctional Litigation Division 6. The Criminal Appeals Division 7. The Criminal Investigations Division 8. The Educational Affairs …
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  • The salaries of the secretary of state and attorney general are decided upon by the Governor’s Salary Commission, a seven-member commission created by a 1976 amendment in Section 21A of the Maryland Constitution. The commission includes the state treasurer, three members appointed by the President of the Maryland State Senate, and three members appointed by the S…
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Historical Officeholders

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