when to hire an attorney for social security disability

by Scot Hirthe 9 min read

5 Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

  • You Think You Might Qualify for Benefits. Are you wanting to file for social security disability? ...
  • Get Help with Your Social Security Application. ...
  • If You Need to Update the SSA. ...
  • If You Need an Administrative Hearing. ...
  • A Social Security Disability Lawyer Won’t Cost an Unreasonable Amount. ...

Full Answer

When should I hire a disability lawyer?

Jan 15, 2021 · The general rule of thumb as far as when you should hire a Social Security Disability lawyer is “as soon as possible.”. The earlier you speak to an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer, the better chances you have of your SSD application being approved. Before you file your application for SSD benefits, a knowledgeable SSD attorney can review your case’s …

Do I need a lawyer for my SSDI application?

Dec 17, 2021 · The timing in determining when to hire an attorney is often a difficult decision for an individual. Some claimants wait too long and often face a multi-year delay or have a hearing where no additional evidence is allowed. It is not required to have an attorney or representative to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

How does a disability lawyer get paid?

Nov 12, 2021 · Because of this, it can be helpful to work with a Social Security disability lawyer. When Should I Hire a Disability Attorney? The earlier you hire a disability attorney, the better. If you have not filed for disability benefits yet, then you may want to consult with an attorney before beginning the filing process. A disability lawyer can help you evaluate if you have a strong …

Do I need a lawyer to appeal my disability case?

Mar 02, 2022 · Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be confusing and overwhelming. Hiring a Social Security disability lawyer can make the process easier and much less nerve-racking. An lawyer guide you through the action and helps you avoid mistakes that could result in denials and unnecessary delays in receiving your Social Security disability …


Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Arkansas

Did you know that 60 percent of all first-time SSDI applicants are denied disability benefits? The process of obtaining SSDI benefits is incredibly difficult and complex. To ensure a greater chance of success, the majority of disabled applicants must hire an experienced SSDI lawyer.

When to Hire an SSDI Attorney

In the end, your ability to receive SSDI is highly dependent on the attorney you choose to help you through the process. Allowing a knowledgeable SSDI attorney help you right from the start—with your initial application—virtually guarantees you a higher rate of approval.

What is the Real Cost of Hiring a SSDI Attorney?

Many potential SSDI applicants are hesitant to hire an attorney because they worry about the costs. The good news is that you do not have to spend any upfront money when hiring an attorney. Social Security disability attorneys receive payment from the disability benefits they are able to obtain for you.

Questions to Ask When Hiring an SSDI Attorney

When looking for the right SSDI attorney to help you with your claim, it is important to meet with them. Many Social Security Disability attorneys offer free consultations and meetings to help you when making your choice.