when attorney general kentucky "sworn" into office 2019

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Cameron, who is the first African American ever to hold the position and the first Republican to hold the office since 1948, was elected to a full term of office in November 2019 and was sworn in for that term on January 6, 2020.

Who won the Kentucky Attorney General race in 2019?

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Who is the Attorney General of Kentucky?

The Attorney General of Kentucky is currently Republican Daniel Cameron. Cameron's predecessor, Democrat Andy Beshear, resigned from the post on December 10, 2019 to be sworn in as Governor of Kentucky.

How many terms can a Kentucky Attorney General serve?

A 1992 amendment to the Kentucky Constitution permits the Attorney General of Kentucky to serve two consecutive terms. (Ky.Const. § 93). The Attorney General appoints a deputy and various Assistants to the Attorney General, who have the power to act on his behalf.


Who is the current Attorney General for Kentucky?

Daniel Cameron (Republican Party)Kentucky / Attorney generalDaniel Jay Cameron is an American lawyer and politician serving as the 51st Attorney General of Kentucky. He is the first Republican elected to the office since 1944, and the first African-American Attorney General of Kentucky. Wikipedia

What is the role of the attorney general in Kentucky?

The Attorney General is the chief law officer of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and all of its departments, commissions, agencies, and political subdivisions, and the legal adviser of all state officers, departments, commissions, and agencies, and when requested in writing shall furnish to them his written opinion ...

How do I contact the Kentucky Attorney General?

Phone Numbers​Main​ switchboard. 502-696-5300.Main fax number. 502-564-2894.Consumer Protection switchboard. 502-696-5389.Rate Intervention switchboard. 502-696-5453.

Who is Mackenzie Evans?

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How much does the Kentucky Attorney General make?

Attorney General of KentuckyTerm lengthFour years, two term limitInaugural holderGeorge Nicholas 1792FormationKentucky ConstitutionSalary$124,113.604 more rows

Where does the Kentucky Attorney General live?

He lives in Louisville with his wife and son.

Who is the Louisville District Attorney?

County Attorney Mike O'Connell.

Who is the speaker of the House in Kentucky?

Kentucky House of RepresentativesLeadershipSpeakerDavid Osborne (R) since January 8, 2019Speaker Pro TemporeDavid Meade (R) since January 8, 2019Majority LeaderSteven Rudy (R) since January 5, 202124 more rows