what were the charges when attorney jerry braswell's license was suspended?

by Prof. Lenore Raynor 6 min read

Goldsboro attorney and former N.C. Superior Court judge Jerry Braswell has been suspended from the practice of law for having sex with a client. Braswell denies the allegation saying that the woman attempted to coerce him into paying an approximately $10,000 judgement against her by saying they had a sexual relationship.

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How long does it take to get a liquor license suspended?

Upon being cited for most alcohol offenses, you have 10 calendar days to request a hearing with the DMV to prevent suspension of your license. After the request, the DMV will set an administrative hearing to determine if you license should be suspended based on the evidence presented and the DMV's own standard of proof. You may have an attorney represent you at the administrative. Failure to request a hearing within the statutory period will usually result in suspension of your license for up to 1-yr regardless of the outcome in criminal court. You may be able to appeal the DMV's findings. If not, you can apply for a limited use license once you have met the requirements of the DMV.

Can you appeal a DMV suspension?

Yes. The DMV suspension proceeding is separate and independent from the court. If the charges were subsequently dropped, you get the prosecution to fill out DS 702 and file it with DMV Mandatory Actions. This will get you a new DMV hearing. You can also appeal by filing a Writ of Administrative Mandamus.

Can you have your license suspended by the DMV?

It is possible to have your license suspended by the DMV and have the case dismissed in criminal court. If your criminal case was dismissed there is a notice in your case file. You can get a copy of this by going to the court clerk. If there are errors in your findings from the DMV contact the DMV and ask for a new hearing.