what attitude toward women do the sheriff and county attorney express in trifles

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The Sheriff and the County Attorney believe that they are superior to the women. They make fun of the women for paying attention to small things, or trifles. they felt that women were supposed to be housekeepers.

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What does glaspell show us about the position of women?

Glaspell believes that women are just as smart if not smarter than men, but do not actively voice their opinions due to male's dominance throughout society. The feminist theme is drawn by the characters, the title, the role women had throughout the play, and the conflict.

What do we learn about the married life of the Wrights by what means is this knowledge revealed to us explain?

By what means is this knowledge revealed to us? We learn that the Wrights household was a quiet and lifeless house. There were no children around. We learned that the husband was a hard man to live with and that he kept Mrs.

Is Mrs Peters the sheriff's wife in trifles?

Peters is Mrs. Hale's partner in crime, which might be kind of an unlikely role for a sheriff's wife. Of course, when we first meet Mrs. Peters we'd never guess she'd become Thelma to anyone's Louise.

How does Mrs Hale view Mr Wright in trifles?

Over and over again, she admits that she knew what a horrible husband Mr. Wright was and how lonely Mrs. Wright must have been, but that she stayed away because the Wright house was gloomy and depressing.

What does the Birdcage symbolize in trifles?

The birdcage represents how Mrs. Wright was trapped in her marriage, and could not escape it. The birdcage door is broken which represents her broken marriage to Mr. Wright.

Why did Mr Hale stop at the Wright's house the previous morning?

Hale stop at the Wrights' house the previous morning? He has been found dead with a noose around his neck.

What is Mrs Peters personality in Trifles?

At the beginning of the short drama, “Trifles,” Mrs. Peters, the sheriff's wife, is painted as timid and submissive wife. She willingly submits herself to the responsibilities she has as a wife.

Who is the attorney in Trifles?

George Henderson
George Henderson, The County Attorney in Trifles.

Who is the antagonist in Trifles?

The County Attorney may be our antagonist, but he's not necessarily a bad bad guy. The dude is just trying to solve a murder, which is his job. Still, he's the main force that the protagonist, Mrs. Hale, ends up working against.

Why is Mrs Hale the protagonist in Trifles?

In addition, she is the protagonist as she is the guide mentor whose actions determine the events of the play. With that being said, despite that Mrs. Hale was oppressed due to her gender in the early twentieth century, she managed to utilize her observant and sympathetic attributes to unravel the cause of Mr.

How are Mrs Hale and Mrs Peters different?

Hale being outspoken, observant, and a leader, while Mrs. Peters is nervous and does not want to challenge authority, the women share some similarities such as being aware of male condescension and willing to keep information from male authorities if it means helping another woman.

How does Mrs Peter homesteading experience connect her to Mrs Wright?

Peters' homesteading experience connects her to Mrs. Wright in the following ways: She had a kitten when she was a girl. In front of her eyes, a boy killed it with a hatchet.Apr 22, 2021