how to select an immigration attorney

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How to Choose an Immigration Attorney

  • Get a Trusted Referral. While you can find a wealth of information on the internet about personal experiences with immigration attorneys, there is no better source of information than what ...
  • Look at References and Reviews. ...
  • Hire a Law Firm Who Speaks Your Language. ...
  • Talk to More than One Attorney. ...
  • Speak with an Immigration Attorney Today. ...

Full Answer

How much does a US immigration lawyer cost?

An immigration lawyer charges between $150 and $300 per hour, with a typical 30-min consultation fee of $75 to $150. Legal assistance when filing basic immigration forms costs $250 to $800, while green card assistance runs from $800 to $5,000, plus the USCIS fees of $460 to $700.

Can immigration lawyer speed up process?

While an immigration attorney cannot per say “speed up” your case, the immigration attorney is knowledgeable in immigration law and will know the best strategy and options for your case. Undeniably, this avoids any unreasonable delay by anyone lacking specialized knowledge in this area of law.

How do I choose immigration?

7 Key Considerations When Choosing Your Immigration AttorneyTalk To Friends And Family. If you hope to hire an immigration attorney, your friends and family are a priceless resource. ... Use The Internet. ... Essential Qualifications. ... Language Services. ... Accessibility. ... Schedule A Consultation. ... Take Notes.

How do I prepare for immigration Consultation?

5 Tips to Make the Most of your Immigration ConsultationAsk the Prospective Attorney Questions about His or Her Experience. ... Tell the Lawyer if Your Case Involves an Emergency. ... Bring the Necessary Immigration Documents to Your Appointment. ... Bring Copies of Criminal Records, if Applicable. ... Take Good Notes.

How can I get my green card faster than 90 days?

There are several quick ways to achieve that goal.Marriage to U.S. Citizen. This is the fastest way to immigrate. ... Immigration through family reunification. ... Political Asylum in the USA. ... Immigration of extraordinary ability people. ... Investment immigration.

What is the fastest way to get citizenship?

The fastest way to get a US green card is through sponsorship from an immediate relative. Unlike other permanent resident visa categories, the IR visa is not subject to quotas or lengthy waiting periods. You are eligible for this visa if you are a spouse, child under 21, or parent of a current US citizen.

What are the immigration questions?

Green Card and Immigration BasicsWhat is a green card? ... What is USCIS? ... What is a lawful permanent resident? ... What is conditional permanent residence? ... Why would a green card application be denied? ... Can I work in the U.S. while waiting for my green card? ... What is the Visa Bulletin? ... What is a biometric screening?

What do immigration lawyers do?

Immigration lawyers represent individual and business clients before the USCIS, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and in Immigration Courts and the federal circuit courts on issues dealing with immigration, emigration, visas, green cards, adjustment of status, political asylum, and other important immigration and ...

What makes a good immigration officer?

Key skills for immigration officers excellent communication and interpersonal skills when talking to people with limited English language ability. the ability to work under pressure. a good eye for detail. the ability to work in a team.

What questions should you ask your immigration lawyer?

Here's a quick look at ten questions you should ask every immigration attorney you speak with about your case.Do You Specialize in Visas and Family Immigration Law? ... Are You A Member Of The American Immigration Lawyers Association? ... Have You Ever Been Reprimanded Or Disciplined For Dishonesty?More items...•

What questions should I ask an immigration consultant?

10 Questions to Ask an Immigration ConsultantWhich is the right immigration program for me and why?What are my chances of success through this program?Do you specialise in visas and family immigration law?How long you have been practising immigration law?How long does our retainer/contract lasts?More items...•

What should I ask an immigration consultant?

Ten Questions To Ask An Immigration ConsultantAre you registered with ICCRC? ... Can I talk or correspond directly with the registered agent? ... How long have you been in the industry? ... How are you different from others? ... Which immigration program may be right for me, and why?More items...•

Is it ethical to hire a low value immigration attorney?

A few "high-volume, low value" immigration attorneys prowl the hallways of immigration offices attempting to solicit business. This is not considered ethical behavior by the legal bar. Besides, any good immigration attorney is probably going to be too busy practicing immigration law and working for their clients to spend their time rounding up new clients this way.

Can an attorney guarantee success?

Not even the best attorneys can guarantee success. Ultimately, the outcome of your case is up to an immigration judge, the Department of Homeland Defense and/or USCIS. Any attorney claiming he or she has a 100% success rate and guaranteeing you a particular outcome may need to be more closely evaluated.

Do immigration lawyers charge by the hour?

Immigration law firms typically charge by the hour. However, some law firms charge fixed fees for the standard preparing and filing of your case. Opt always to pay a fixed fee for a law firm’s services or else require that they give you an estimation of how much time it will take to file your case so that you know how much their services will cost you in terms of time and money.

Is immigration taxing?

The US immigration process can be highly taxing and difficult. When you are navigating through the thorny process, you will want the best lawyer to guide you through all steps.

What You Should Not Do

Do not use a lawyer you already use for something else. It is highly unlikely they have more than a basic understanding of what it takes to help you with U.S. and Canadian immigration issues. Although they may be a competent attorney, they are unlikely to be an expert on the very complex issues around immigration or entering the U.S.

Look for Attorney Expertise

There is no single attorney who can “do it all”. Avoid lawyers who claim expertise in many areas of law. A generalist is likely to lack the depth of knowledge necessary for your situation and may provide outdated advice.

Make Good Use of the Attorney Consultation

The secret to finding a good attorney is in the questions you ask before you hire one.

Making your Selection and Hiring an Attorney

If you meet with only one attorney, they are clearly qualified, and you liked working with them, then lucky you – your search is over. However, if you meet with several attorneys and you don’t have a clear choice then here are some guidelines to help make your final selection.

After Selecting an Attorney – Communication is Key

Once you have made your selection it is important to build a relationship with your attorney to establish trust and ensure your application is completed correctly. Make sure to find a firm that gives quick feedback and replies to phone calls and emails in a timely manner.